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Dunajska 191 | Ljubljana | +386 / 1 / 5300 212 |


With the opening of the Birokrat hotel, 4 stars hotel, came a new and fresh wind to the stale Ljubljana hotel market in spring of 2010. The architect and designers envisioned a modern and comfortable place that could provide guests with just the right amount of a homely atmosphere. Even though the primary function of the hotel was to provide accommodations for travelling businessmen, we are happy to receive more and more tourists who often thank us for making their travel around Slovenia just a little more enjoyable.






soba v Ljubljani - Birokrat Hotel Ljubljana


Laguna-Ljubljana Resort features outdoor swimming pools and over 60 water effects is only 10-minute walk away (1 km) and it is open from 17th June to 1. Septembre in case of nice and warm weather. FREE ENTRANCE for Hotel Birokrat guests.


soba v Ljubljani - Birokrat Hotel Ljubljana


In winter a fairly large number of guests are attracted by the many ski resorts in the vicinity of Ljubljana, whereas in summer, tourists mostly walk around the old city center or sit in one of the many little cafés around the river Ljubljanica; 5 minutes by car or 10 minutes by public transport will get you directly there. Sports fans and music lovers will love the fact that the newly built Stožice Sports Park is no more than a 10 minute walk away.



The different hotel rooms and suits, as well as various additional offers, provide each of our guests with a unique opportunity to help make their stay as enjoyable as possible; arranging meetings with business partners and renting fully equipped conference halls to name at least one of the additional offers. Professional and well trained staff makes sure our guests’ wishes do not go unanswered, because we know that a warm welcome, a friendly smile, and a knack for details is what raises us above average. Being above average is not only a huge responsibility, but also a commitment to our guests, to always put great effort into everything we do.








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